Majestic Mallorca: Why Our Stay at the Hospes Maricel & Spa Is One For The Books

As you try to power through yet another busy workweek, we could bet that more than once, you wished to be transported to a place where serenity takes a whole new meaning. A place that, when comes to mind, is the complete embodiment of peace, relaxation, and just pure bliss.

Well, you’re in luck. A place overlooking the sea? Check. A destination that allows you to relish the enamoring sights around it? Check!

Everything you need in a vacation destination is here — the Hospes Maricel & Spa in Mallorca, Spain. If you haven’t been there yet, let us take you on a little tour.

A View of Majestic Mallorca

Hospes Maricel & Spa boasts of a scenic view of the blue seas and skies, letting guests experience the calming breeze above and the therapeutic sound of the Mediterranean Sea below.

We gave in as the waters invited us, and we added adrenaline-infused adventures to the mix. Visitors can try various water activities such as scuba diving, water skiing, or kayaking. Boat trips are also a must-try here — helpful in taking advantage of the visual treat that only Mallorca can give.

We saw all of the sights Hospes Maricel & Spa has to offer by going sailing at the Cala Nova Yacht Club, and as we were still in for a little on-land challenge, we tried our luck at golf at Golf Bendinat. If you want, you can also play tennis and paddle tennis at Puerto Portals!

A Celebration of Heritage

More than the seas and beach, Hospes Maricel & Spa also gives guests a glimpse of Mallorca’s culture and heritage. At the heart of Palma de Mallorca lies various iconic structures which we were in awe of, including the Old Town, the Arab Baths, the city walls, and the promenade. 

Complete your cultural trip by visiting exhibitions at the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró, the Palau March and the Museu Es Baluard.

Exclusivity Guaranteed

With Mallorca being one of the crown jewels of Spain’s Balearic Islands, visitors can be sure of the location’s exclusivity. Being in close proximity to the center of Palma de Mallorca, Hospes Maricel & Spa gives 3 convenient access paths leading to the beach: one in Puerto Portals, another by La Seu Cathedral, and the third one by the Jaime III shopping area, through which one can reach the shoreline by car in just 10 minutes.

Rooms & Suites

Composed of two buildings — the Palace Building and the Natura Building — the Hospes Maricel & Spa’s façade is reminiscent of 16th to 17th century avant-garde architecture, with whitewashed walls that scream luxury and contrast beautifully against a natural backdrop.

Hospes Maricel & Spa has a wide selection of rooms and suites that all exude a contemporary Mediterranean vibe. Depending on your preferred size and overall look of the room, you may choose rooms and suites found in both of the main buildings. 

Housed in the Natura Building are the Natura Dreamer’s, Natura Deluxe, and Natura Grand Suite, ranging from €137–€218 per night. As for the Palace Building, you may pick among the Premium with Terrace, Dreamer’s Palace, Deluxe Sea View, Sea View Suite, and the Presidential Suite, ranging from €164–€382 per night. Our personal favorite is the Presidential Suite where we stayed, in which we were really able to savor the full Mallorca experience!

The Maricel Restaurant

A superb gastronomic experience awaits when you spend your day wining and dining at the Maricel Restaurant. Made from only fresh and seasonal ingredients, each dish marries exclusivity with modernity, created with such culinary flair we’re sure can only be witnessed (and tasted) at Hospes Maricel & Spa.

The mouthwatering dishes we had during our stay were all so flavorful that we wanted to learn how to make them so we could recreate them at home. However, we were convinced that only the Maricel Restaurant chefs can make them, and nothing will ever come close. Among the top-tier dishes we were able to try were the paella, escargot, and their melt-in-the-mouth ensaïmada. If only there were a long-distance food delivery service to get these scrumptious food to us, we wouldn’t get tired of having them every day!

True to its title, the Maricel Restaurant definitely serves the “best breakfast in the world”. The breakfast menu features a complete list of delights and dishes — from their smoothies trio, gourmet poultry taco, their Majorcan “palo” mojito with a lime-mint emulsion, to their delectable jelly beans and truffles, we surely felt like kings afterwards. And with a dining area overlooking the sea, breakfast at the Maricel Restaurant is something every guest would surely look forward to.

It’s not only the food we went crazy for. Hospes Maricel & Spa also has its own lounge and cocktail bar where guests can grab drinks and spirits of their choice, coupled with enjoyable jazz music playing in the background to complete the experience.

Whether it’s for business or for leisure, staying at the Hospes Maricel & Spa is truly a delightful and one-of-a-kind experience. It’s something we will highly recommend for your next out-of-country trip — sand in your toes, salty sea breeze in your hair, Mallorca’s culture and heritage in your heart.

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