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Embark on a Kiwi Adventure: Best Remote Getaways in New Zealand

Ever dreamt of a place where the mountains whisper, and the rivers hum a tune just for you? Well, New Zealand’s got you covered. Let’s chat about some of the best remote getaways in New Zealand, so pack that luggage, strap on those boots, and let’s go!

1. Fiordland

Close your eyes and imagine standing on the edge of a fiord, with waterfalls cascading down massive cliffs. That’s Fiordland for you, where nature throws a silent jam session that vibes with your soul. Milford Sound is like the rockstar of fiords, all dramatic and jaw-dropping. Doubtful Sound, on the other hand, is like that indie artist you find in a hidden bar – a bit mysterious but oh-so-good. Come here, and the only noise you’ll hear is the occasional splash of a seal having a pool party.

2. Blanket Bay

blanket bay best remote getaways in new zealand

Now, if you’re into a mix of fancy and “I’m on a cloud” kind of vibe, Blanket Bay in Glenorchy is where it’s at. It sits right by Lake Wakatipu, surrounded by the Southern Alps reflecting in the lake. With local wine in hand and a mountain breeze flowing all around you, you’ll feel as calm as the surroundings. Whether you’re fishing in clear rivers or wandering through ancient forests, Blanket Bay is like a peaceful painting come to life.

3. Rotorua Hot Springs

Right in the middle of the North Island, Rotorua is where hot springs meet cool vibes. Picture yourself chilling in these natural hot tubs surrounded by greenery. The Wai-O-Tapu geothermal pools look like a Salvador Dali painting – crazy beautiful. As you soak, the smell of sulfur plays tag with the sweet scent of flowers, giving you a sensory treat.

4. Stewart Island

stewart island best destinations in new zealand

If you’re all about that wild, wild life, Stewart Island is your VIP pass. It’s like New Zealand’s version of a jungle adventure. Walking through ancient forests, hitting golden beaches – it’s like being in your very own nature documentary. Plus, you might bump into a kiwi bird, and trust us, that’s like winning the lottery in the wild kingdom.

5. Coromandel

coromandel best remote getaways in new zealand

Coromandel is like that beach vacation you’ve been daydreaming about. White sand, clear water – Cathedral Cove is like the Insta-famous beach that’s even better in real life. Imagine kayaking through caves or just lounging on Hahei Beach. Coromandel’s beaches are just pure relaxation vibes.

6. Aoraki/Mount Cook

Head to the Southern Alps, and you’ll find Aoraki or Mount Cook, the cool kid of New Zealand’s mountain gang. The air is so fresh it practically high-fives you, and the views – out of this world. Whether you’re into mountain climbing or just chilling and stargazing, this place is like the ultimate zen zone. Join a stargazing tour, or hike a glacier and stand in the shadow of Aoraki and just feel awestruck.

7. Abel Tasman National Park

abel tasman national park best destinations in new zealand

For a dose of coastal magic, no doubt, Abel Tasman National Park is one of the best destinations in New Zealand to check out. Bask in the golden sand beaches, the clearest turquoise waters, and winding coastal trails that feel like nature laying out the red carpet. If you’re more of a water baby, then kayak your way through hidden coves or take a water taxi to one of the secluded beaches – you’ll definitely ‘wow’ all the way.

8. Tongariro National Park

Ever walked on an active volcanic plateau? No? Then we present Tongariro National Park. A place that’s both mysterious and fascinating and every bit as stunning as the rest of the country. You’ll find that the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is like walking through Middle Earth, passing by emerald lakes and steaming craters. Whether you’re into hiking or someone chasing epic Instagram moments, this place is a must on your Kiwi checklist.

So, New Zealand’s not just a place; it’s like a bunch of adventures waiting to happen. Whether you find peace in a fiord’s silence or get lost in Stewart Island’s wild vibes, each remote getaway in New Zealand has its own story. Pack your bags, leave the noise behind, and let the Kiwi magic unfold – it’s a trip worth talking about!

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