Budget Traveling Tips So You Can Save Significantly While Traveling

Many individuals equate traveling with spending lots of money, but it’s not always true. You do need to save up for the vacation you want, but you can still significantly reduce costs without robbing yourself out of the pleasures of traveling. Simply by planning your trip ahead of time and knowing what to do, you can save more money for the next travel plans that you have. Small expenses add up fast, and before you know it, your pocket money is nearly gone. Equip yourself with the knowledge of easily doable tips for saving money while on vacation.

Know the itinerary ahead of time

You can plan your expenses accordingly if you start listing down which of your destinations have entrance fees or how much commute fare you need to set aside for each of the places.

One mistake people make is to forget to check their itinerary. You should use it as a guide, so research about it beforehand to be aware of the locations. You wouldn’t want to take a cab going to the next attraction only to find out that it was just a 5-minute walk. Knowing the itinerary will also save you money on transportation because you can avoid inadvertently spending so much money taking the bus or the train without knowing that you’re going in the wrong direction. Know where you will be at a given time and figure out how to get there in advance.

Consider couchsurfing or Airbnb accommodations

If it’s an immersive travel experience you truly want, couchsurfing or booking condos and apartments might be the best option for you. Not to mention, cost effective.

Backpackers love couchsurfing because it allows you to meet new people (even locals) while cutting one of the biggest travel-concerned costs. Some hosts offer free accommodation, while others charge minimal fees. Some risks come along with it so you need to take your time contacting the host and asking referrals from friends. Airbnb is also a fantastic and convenient option, allowing you to find a good room in a great location for more than half of hotels’ prices. You can choose whether you need an apartment, studio, or just a room. Remembering that hotels are not the only option will save you quite a lot.

Always bring food and water with you

An impromptu picnic at the park may just be what you need during your trip!

Don’t underestimate how much you’ll save by bringing snacks and water with you at all times. A 500ml bottled water bought from a stall at a popular tourist destination costs about the same as a 1L from a grocery. Not only is bottled water so expensive, but you’ll also be harming the environment with the single-use plastic. Snacks also come in handy because tourists tend to overspend just to satisfy their hunger. It’s way better to eat your snacks for the times that you get hungry randomly and then splurge on a really good lunch or dinner.

Stick to a travel budget

The Marie Kondo rule applies in traveling to avoid impulse buying: If it doesn’t spark lasting joy, then it’s an unnecessary purchase.

Some people think that making a budget is pointless because you’ll always go over it anyway, but that’s not true. Simply by having a budget that you want to stick to, you can be more conscious about how you spend. Instead of being defeated and knowing that you’ll spend a lot anyways, still make an effort to cut costs. Know when to save, but also know when to splurge. Sticking to a travel budget doesn’t mean that you must deprive yourself of the joys of traveling. You can still treat yourself! Having a budget just helps you be on track.

It is essential to save money, but it’s even more important to enjoy your trip. Don’t beat yourself up for enjoying your travel and splurging on some souvenirs. It’s great to have some trinkets and photos to remember your new and exciting experiences. At the end of the day, you learned a lot that you can take with you on your next trip.

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