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11 Travel Gift Ideas and Essentials for Every Traveler

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The Compact Majorca Travel Guide

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Where to Stay in Bicol: A Traveler’s Guide to Accommodations in the Land of the Uragons

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Hella Enchanted: A Siquijor Travel Guide to the Island’s Mystic Spots

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Going Local: Create Your Travel Itinerary With These Mobile Apps

When you’re plotting your own travel schedule, there’s a risk of spending way too much on cab fares because you don’t know how to go around using public transport. Or ending up looking for the nearest fast food chain because you’re too afraid to try out local cuisines by yourself.

The good news is now you can download mobile applications that will give you that local feel. It’s going to be fun stumbling around with these apps that you should keep handy.

Cebu Philippines
Conquering the South of the Philippines: 5 Things to See & Do in Cebu

Being the Queen City of the South, Cebu has become the center of trade and commerce in the Visayas region. Along with its economic growth is the boom of the province’s tourism industry. In fact, it is among the most visited places in the Philippines. This is not surprising considering the number of things you can do and see in the area. From historical landmarks to incredible marine and nature parks, Cebu seemingly lacks none of those.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Apa Kabar! Here’s A Guide to Cover Singapore in a Weekend

Singapore being an open city, has been home to many Filipinos for many years already. Many are either working professionals or have migrated there for good with their families. Singapore has also become a staple tourist destination as well given its proximity to the country and its numerous tourist spots to explore.

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Tips to Make Your Smartphone More Useful When Traveling

Efficiency is key to travelling so you can focus on making the best of your trip. Luckily, our smartphones can be used for more than just taking pictures. Check out the tips below for using your trusted mobile phone to make your travel easier.

Journey to Middle-Earth: The New Zealand Guide for Lord of the Rings Fans

When you visit New Zealand, looking out at its diverse landscapes, it’s quite difficult to see where the country ends and Middle-Earth begins. It’s this imagery that inspired both the book and films to go on a pilgrimage in honour of one of the world’s best fantasy narratives.