Snow, Ice, and Magic: The Most Enchanting Winter Cities to Visit

Winter is a magical time of year, with snow-capped landscapes, festive markets, and cozy fireplaces.…

Bohol Island_Things to do in Bohol
Chocolate Hills and Stunning Beaches: A Bohol Travel Guide Made for You

Bohol is among the thousands of magnificent islands that make up the Philippines. It is located in the Central Visayas region and is also considered as a prime tourist destination next to Boracay. The island is mainly known for its excellent diving spots, fine and clear beaches as well as the marvelous Chocolate Hills. Aside from those, the province actually offers a lot more things that would surely fill the excitement of both foreign and local tourists.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Apa Kabar! Here’s A Guide to Cover Singapore in a Weekend

Singapore being an open city, has been home to many Filipinos for many years already. Many are either working professionals or have migrated there for good with their families. Singapore has also become a staple tourist destination as well given its proximity to the country and its numerous tourist spots to explore.

Greece_Must Visit Greek Cities
Spending Time in Sun-Soaked Isles: Visiting Enchanting Destinations in Greece

Whenever a dream vacation poll is being surveyed, Greece is always in the top five. The aquamarine waters of the Aegean Sea embracing the Greek Isles, which is always seemingly enveloped in eternal sunshine.

Norway Trip_Norway Destinations_Norway
Norway in the Summer: Three Cities, Three Adventures, Three Ways

For first-timers, the nation’s three largest cities, Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim, strike the high notes. In a single trip, you can savor natural beauty, history and traditions, modern art and architecture, and local gastronomy.

Philippine Beaches_Beach Trip
Top 5 Things to Do at Philippine Beaches

Other than swimming, what else can you do once you get there? The specifics vary depending on which destination you choose, but the majority of tourist beaches will offer these activities. Here are ways you can enjoy the beach like a local.