top view coffee cups
Coffees From Around the World: Traveling Through 5 Cups of Coffee

Coffee has always been the go-to beverage in a world where people are on the …

The Boost of Food Tourism as Cultural Tours

Food tourism or culinary travel is on the rise, and rightfully so. It refers to traveling with a focus on choosing destinations based on gaining more food and beverage experience. Traveling with a focus on food helps an individual grow so much. There is a lot to gain with food trips like the appreciation for history and an interest in cooking a wider variety of meals.

The Philippines
Enter the Magic Realm: Mythical Destinations in the Philippines and Where to Find Them

Traversing these mystical kingdoms, however, does make one yearn for a real-life, Indiana Jones-type of travel where hidden clues, secret treasures, and stories only whispered at night are constant features. For this, the perfect place to visit has got to be the Philippines.