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Outwit, Outplay, Outlast: How Being a ‘Survivor Fan Triggers Your Wanderlust

Whether it’s fighting the elements on a remote island, or combating the dangerous terrains of unexplored rainforest, the show has its loyal viewers’ wanderlust over visiting these locations themselves.

Here are some of the most iconic Survivor destinations that you can put in your bucket list and are definitely worth visiting.

Going Local: Create Your Travel Itinerary With These Mobile Apps

When you’re plotting your own travel schedule, there’s a risk of spending way too much on cab fares because you don’t know how to go around using public transport. Or ending up looking for the nearest fast food chain because you’re too afraid to try out local cuisines by yourself.

The good news is now you can download mobile applications that will give you that local feel. It’s going to be fun stumbling around with these apps that you should keep handy.

Apa Kabar! Here’s A Guide to Cover Singapore in a Weekend

Singapore being an open city, has been home to many Filipinos for many years already. Many are either working professionals or have migrated there for good with their families. Singapore has also become a staple tourist destination as well given its proximity to the country and its numerous tourist spots to explore.

Spending Time in Sun-Soaked Isles: Visiting Enchanting Destinations in Greece

Whenever a dream vacation poll is being surveyed, Greece is always in the top five. The aquamarine waters of the Aegean Sea embracing the Greek Isles, which is always seemingly enveloped in eternal sunshine.